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Privacy Policy


This website uses a number of cookies in accordance with the guidelines issued by the UK Information Commissioner's Office in December 2011.

The website places a session cookie on your computer or whatever device you are using to view the site.  This cookie holds a session identifier, a string of letters and numbers, that is used by our website to maintain continuity as you browse between the different pages.  Session cookies are destroyed when you close your browser.

We use a third party agent, Google Analytics, to collect basic information about your Internet browser, and to recognise and count visitors as they browse the site.  This helps us form and improve the way our website works to suit our regular visitors.  Included in this information is the IP address of your Internet connection and this might be used to identify your country and other location details.  This location information, although not always accurate, helps us to further understand the needs of our website visitors.

Google Analytics uses four "first party" cookies - one session cookie and three persistent cookies - to carry out this task.  Unlike the session cookie, which is destroyed when you close your browser, the persistent cookie is stored on your hard drive, or in some other nonvolatile memory, and remains there for a period of time unless you delete it.  Persistent cookies are used to record multiple visits.  First party cookies can only be retrieved when you visit our website and not any other website.  We don't see the IP address that Google Analytics collects, just the associated location information.  Our Google Analytics account has data sharing settings that don't allow Google to share the data with anyone else.  You can read more about Google Analytics, including a tool to let you opt out of all Google Analytics data collection, on their Policies and PrinciplesLink opens in a new windowStop external links opening a new window web page.

No other cookies are used on this website.

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Information we collect

If you make an enquiry about any or our services we ask you to email or complete an online form.  In most cases we will therefore collect your email address, telephone number, contact details and other personally identifiable data.  We will often have to share this information with other insurance organisations in order to provide you with the information you request.

If you take out a policy with us we also use this information for general insurance administration and renewals.  We may, from time to time, ask you for other information for similar reasons and to be using in similar way.  We may also add personally identifiable data to relevant databases which may be used by authorised Government agencies for purposes such as vehicle licence checking and other bone-fide purposes.

We may use that information in the future, in a limited way, to inform you about our services.  We will stop if you ask us to.  We may keep your information for a reasonable amount of time unless you don't want that to happen.

We will not pass your contact information to any other party without your explicit permission unless this is legally required or is needed for us to fulfil or to provide you with information about any of our services.

If you need to contact us about this policy please use any of the methods on our contact page.

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