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Life and Pensions

We specialise in life assurance and income replacement products, pension planning, personal and corporate healthcare for business and individuals, either home or abroad.

Life Assurance offers the opportunity to provide guaranteed lump sums or income replacement in the event of death, incapacity or critical illness, either for personal family protection or for the benefit of business, partnerships, share purchase or business loan protection.

Our Pension Planning services and facilities both pre and post retirement for Companies and Individuals remains fully independent and has access to a wide range of Institutions across the full range of Personal, Stakeholder, Group, Corporate and Self Invest arrangements.

Health Care continues to dominate the political landscape as more businesses and individuals recognise that the State cannot provide for every eventuality in a timely and convenient way.  Private Health Care products supplement the State facilities by offering choice of Hospital, Consultant, Timing and often access to life saving treatments not yet funded by the State.

We have excellent health care facilities available for employee benefit schemes, individual and group arrangements for both national and international requirements.

Life and Pensions from Illingworth McNair

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